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Pastor Kip's Korner

Prove It!

We live in such a pessimistic era of our culture today. Conspiracy theories and wild--haired stories run across our news feeds every day. More people cry out for the reporters to prove what they are saying and then believe the craziest of lies to back up the stories. Satire websites are believed as “gospel” just because it is in print and backs up a preconceived notion. Then people are presented facts and they ask how we can know our facts are true. In a court of law witnesses give testimony to show the guilt or innocence of the accused. So it is with whether Jesus was really the Son of God. We need to remember that the New Testament is not just opinions of writers as to who Jesus appeared to be but is eyewitness testimony as to Jesus. Paul’s first letters were written within twenty years of Jesus’ resurrection and the last Gospel was written before the death of the last living Disciple/Apostle. Their testimony would have and still does stand up in a court of law and is worthy of our use today.

Facts are not enough

Even when facts are presented people act as if the facts are not enough. It’s as if in their minds they do not want to believe it, so they become deniers. Our lives must live the facts and the facts have to live in us. This eyewitness testimony has changed our lives and it is good news that we no longer must live in fear and doubt. We can now live in love and peace with hope for the future, but that means no going back to the ways of the dead that we lived before we were given new life in Christ. We were the walking dead living the ways of Satan before we found the living water of Christ. Never go back but always look ahead and live the good news of Jesus Christ’s love.

Actions speak louder than words

One thing that hasn’t changed is that actions speak louder than words. Young people can sniff out a hypocrite in a moment and let the whole world know. Reputations and a lifetime’s worth of honor can be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Many people who call themselves Christians think they can live however they want if they are in Church on Sunday. Society sees the hypocrisy of this as it shows that what we believe is not important enough to put into practice. If it is not important to put into practice, then it must not be that life changing to need to have faith in God. Are we living out our faith in our daily lives and so showing how our faith gives us strength and peace in a divided world? Are we even living out our faith at Church to make our Church family more readily able to share that faith?

If you were accused of being a Christian could you be convicted?

In today’s litigious society and with persecution of Christians on the rise around the world, it becomes more important than ever to be honest and forthright in living our lives by what we believe. Christians around the world are being arrested and imprisoned for their faith. My question is if we were arrested today would there be enough evidence to convict us? The book of Revelation says that there will be a great many of those who call themselves Christians left behind at the Rapture. Would we be ones raptured or left behind?